Top 10 Highest paying programming jobs
Akhil Kapoor
May 3, 2019 3 mins

Technology is shaping the operations and businesses of every industry. From manufacturing robots to chatbots, human work is being taken over by machines at an incredible pace. Tech companies like Microsoft, Google, Apple, IBM, etc are competing neck to neck to have one slight advantage in the market and for this, they hire the top talent and offer the highest salary in the tech industry.

To have the edge over the rest in a highly competitive job market and run along with the programming trends, learning a programming language is of utmost importance.

10. Web Developer
Most businesses today have an online digital presence. MNCs and big brand corporations regulate and keep their websites up to date with their company’s activities. This creates a lot of demand for web developers in the market.
Average salary : $90,000 to $1,10,000

9. Database Administrator/System Administrator
A data or system administrator is the key authority to operate and maintain the company’s database and the master server. The admin also operates the system software which is the company’s internal platform for employees.
Average salary : $1,05,000

8. Graphics Designer
Graphic Designers are in huge demand as the brands are running creative and thoughtful content through digital marketing. Graphic Design is an art more than a skill. Apart from the full-time jobs, the market is flooded with opportunities for freelancers in this field.
Average salary : $1,00,000 to $1,20,000

7. DevOps Engineer
A Developer and Operations Engineer is responsible for the backend of the program and delivering solutions in the form of code. This requires expertise in the programming language and is the most sought after job.
Average Salary : $1,15,000 to $1,35,000

6. Software Architect
A software architect is more like a team leader who builds the logic and blueprint for the software project and sets the parameters right for the developer teams to work on. It’s a big responsibility to take and therefore people who take this role are paid a good salary.
Average salary : $1,20,000 to $1,50,000

5. Data Scientist/Analyst
A high rewarding career as one has to deal with Big Data and analyze trends and patterns that are later used mostly by the third party. It requires sharp analytical skills and a strong background in mathematics and quants.
Average salary : $1,40,000

4. Business Systems Analyst
The person who takes up this job can also be called as Business Systems Manager as the role is to provide end to end hardware and software solutions, carry out industry analysis and build a strategy for IT systems.
Average salary : $1,35,000 to $1,50,000

3. Applications Architect
An applications architect develops wireframes for the implementation models. Each project requires a different set of tools and resources which have to be figured out before the project work begins along with marking the need for future tools.
With work experience, applications architect are also designers of the programs that are specific to the company’s needs.
Average salary : $1,30,000 to $1,60,000

2. Mobile Applications Developer
It is highly competent and sought after job as the smartphone industry is at an all-time high. Mobile gaming users have surpassed desktop gaming users. The rise of e-commerce platforms have created ample learning and earning opportunities in the regulated and the freelance market.
Average salary : $1,55,000

1. Machine Learning Scientist
The job of the future is here. The highly sophisticated white-collar job with the highest paying salary in the tech industry. These scientists work on deep learning algorithms that make a machine capable to learn by itself rather be driven by a set of commands.
It’s artificial intelligence in real life applications. Example – Google’s self-driven cars, Amazon’s recommendation models, Apple’s Siri, etc.

This job needs high intelligence and intellect with a determined mindset to perform. There is no question, this artificial intelligence job pays the highest salary.
Average salary : $1,45,000 to $1,65,000